Sometimes I just get curious of what’s on your mind.

Just because im in a relationship doesn’t mean my plans for EDCLV2K15 is gonna get cancel! F*CK that! Im still going!

What is life when its close to ending.. …

Seriously? You guys are the FUCKING parents and yet you guys are so fucking damn irresponsible! You see why when I go out I never tell you guys where im going or what time im coming back. I feel as if my family have COLLAPSED and there’s nothing else for me to build it back up. The conversation that we used to have just suddenly STOPS! I fucking hate how you guys are ruining my life. Like damn, my life is already ruined and can you guys just take a fucking step back and just leave me the fuck alone! You guys are expecting me to buy things, pay for things and do all these other shit load of things! I dont mind helping but the way you guys are, makes me not wanna help at all. Where was the support when I needed? Where was the love that I needed? I didn’t get JACK shit from yall! I see other kids out there having their GOD DAMN parents support and you know how much that shit hurts me?! When my own parents can’t even help support me. Life is getting close to where I just wanna lose it and give up.

You can put your trust in me with this relationship because im afraid to loose it just like how you’re afraid to loose it.

Why not date hmong boys no more?


Because hmong boys just never suit me. Idk, most of the ones i’ve talked to or dated never really cared. They’d try really hard to get me, then after they wouldn’t put effort or even care anymore. They’d always point out my flaws and make me feel even more insecure about myself. They act kinda cocky and it just annoys me a lot. Idk, i guess i’m just not interested anymore. I’ve always been interested in different asian races but idk, if a hmong guy proves to me that i actually am worth something, maybe i’ll give it another try. Maybe.

Nose pierced or new tattoo? Damn its hard to choose